Tait radio users have tough jobs. Police, Fire, Emergency services, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Utility workers face challenging conditions every day. They need communications equipment that is totally reliable. That's why Tait engineers all of our P25 and DMR products to work together to be among the toughest, mission critical grade radio networks ever made.

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Tait Tough Videos

Water, tanks, drones and whatever else we could throw at it, even ice cream! Press the play button below and sit back and watch the Tait portable being put through its paces.

Tait Portables - Designed to be tough

Our compact P25 and DMR radios have been tested and proven to survive, with no damage, even under the harshest standards. Here are a few of the tests we run:

MIL-STD-810G specification test

We drop them from 6 feet onto concrete – That's 50% higher than the MIL-STD-810G specification test. We drop each radio dozens of times from different angles, ensuring the durability of everything from the battery and antenna fittings to the internal componentry and the LCD screen.

IP67 Water and dust protection

IP68 and IP65 water and dust protection. Proven to survive with no leaks under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes and 1 meter of water for 2 hours, and tested against water jets.

Designed to be tough

Every component is selected and tested so the radio can endure harder knocks and more extreme temperatures. The radios are assembled and tested in our own factory, delivering maximum quality where it matters most.

Tait Networks – High Performing, tough, and resilient

Tait Base Stations are built to last. The TB9300 is capable of both DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3, while our TB9400 is capable of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2.


Designed and MIL-STD tested for reliability. Our equipment is tested against standards in temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration and shock. When you install a Tait Base Station, you can have confidence that it will last.

Always operational in the difficult times

Depending on your needs, Tait base stations can effectively offer multiple types of redundancy and back-up to ensure that your network is always operational, even in the most difficult times.

Built on robust software

Tait radios are built on robust software that is repeatedly tested to ensure your communication abilities stay in tact.

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The guide outlines ten aspects that can positively influence your communications performance, such as system design, security, hardware selection, and major events and emergencies. Download this guide to help ensure that your communication system won't fail when your people need it most.

10 Ways to Protect and Strengthen Your LMR System